To Feed and Be Fed

Hello friends! Welcome to our new adventure. Andrew and I have this passion in our hearts to share our lives with others and this is going to be a tangible way to do that with a lot of people at once. The concept of opening our home to love on people was something that we talked about at the very beginning of 2020 long before COVID-19 took over. We decided that at least once a week we wanted to invite a couple or a family into our home for dinner and spend some time loving and listening and feeding them not just physically but through words that would build them up. This was going amazing until the world hit pandemic mode and everything stopped. In that time I started a small series on facebook called “quarantine chronicles” and documented our journey every couple of days by posting what we were doing during the time at home and what we are eating. One friend commented after seeing my yellow dutch oven that it was the pot of life haha! At some point over the last few months the idea was born that we post our recipes (not all original but tried and true stuff), our tips on how to grocery shop for sustainability and budget and just our life right here on the blog. Almost every week I make a menu for us for the week and create a shopping list to go along with it so I will be posting regularly what we are eating, the recipes so you can follow along and a shopping list for the recipes. It will be so easy for you to follow along! We will also be recording and posting on our instagram page “lifeasadahl”. We aren’t chef’s and we for sure don’t have all of life’s answers but we have learned a lot over the years and want to share our lives with you guys. As a culture we have become so consumeristic and everything is about what can I get out of it. In life and in cooking we just want to be fed, we don’t want to do the work to feed. That is what we want to teach ourselves, our children and our people…we want to feed and be fed. So follow along with us, subscribe to our pages and enjoy the good, the bad and the crazy in our Life as a Dahl.

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