Chicken Berry Salad

For the first 12 years of my life I grew up in the small town of Russellville, AR. There wasn’t a lot to do in the town and if you wanted to go to eat “fancy”, you typically drove to Little Rock. I distinctly remember one of my friends coming to school in the 5th grade boasting all about going to eat at this restaurant in Conway called Marketplace. I remember it specifically because she said they lit the cheese dip on fire and when you are in 5th grade that is not only impressive but an add to your bucket list. A little less than a year later my family moved to Fort Smith and low and behold, Fort Smith had a Marketplace!!! So of course I begged my mom to go try this flaming queso and while it wasn’t the best cheese experience I’ve ever had, the ambiance it brought was worth the try. Over the next few years we would frequent the restaurant specially when they offered their free kids meals. But the thing I remember the most about the infamous restaurant is their chicken berry salad. My mom and I would split this salad of spinach, chicken, nuts and strawberries and it made a salad fan out of me. Now, years later, the restaurant itself has moved on to become a pizza place but the memories of this delectable dish have caused me to create my own version. Andrew and I love this salad specifically in the spring. It is delicious and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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