Should I try Home Chef?

Over the past few months I have been receiving orders from Home Chef to test out if I like using a meal delivery service. You see the brand ALL over instagram and facebook from dozens upon dozens of my favorite influencers…but is it worth it? That has been the question I was seeking to answer as I ordered my first 5 boxes. The website itself is very easy to use. Every week I get on and check out the new recipes they put up. There is a ton of variety and about 20 options to choose from each week. There is also a lot of variety on the type of cooking you want to do. There are oven ready meals that literally all you have to do is throw things in the pan they give you and put them in the oven. There are 15 minute meals, easy prep meals and even culinary collection meals that are elevated in case you want to try something a little more fancy. One thing I have enjoyed about it is the variety. It really has helped me try things I never would have made and we haven’t had a meal yet that wasn’t absolutely delicious. Just last week we had an oven ready meal of creamy garlic chicken with parmesan brown rice and quinoa. I had never cooked quinoa at home before and I have never been a fan of brown rice but the combo with the parmesan and seasoning was so incredible! When you first get a box, we looked at the portions and thought there was no way it would feed us and make us full but all the meals have been very filling and overall pretty low calorie. Another thing I have really enjoyed is that I don’t typically have to go to the store on the weeks I get home chef meals. Andrew and I typically get 2 meals a week when we have a delivery and each meal comes with every single thing you would need in a bag labeled for that meal. When I say everything, I mean everything, down to little pats of butter and packages of honey. The only thing I have ever had to add that it called for has been olive oil and salt and pepper. That part is awesome!!! They also just added dessert and bread to the menu each week as well as bundles of extra meat. We got the bread and the chocolate lava cake last time and it was delicious. The packaging is also very impressive. It ships in a cardboard box that they have insulated on the inside with multiple freezer packs. The meat is on the bottom level with a couple of freezer packs then everything else is in bags labeled for the meals. I was so surprised the first time I opened a box at how smart the packaging was. So is it worth the money? When I first signed up I used a code that an influencer I follow had for $20 off your first 5 boxes. When I used that it made the cost of a box with 2 meals and 2 servings a piece equal out to about $25-$30. To me at that price it was 100% worth it because the quality of meal I was getting felt like a steal of a deal. Now that my code has expired if we get a box with 2 meals it costs us about $50 a week, so $25 a meal for the two of us. While I don’t think it’s that great of a deal, the convenience and the benefit of not having to come up with different ideas helps get me out of a food rut and gets me excited about cooking again. Do I use it every week? No. I love that home chef has the option to skip a week or multiple weeks with no penalty. I login every week, check the menu and if I don’t like the options I skip that week and make out my own menu, no problem. Overall, I think I will continue to use the service at least once a month, especially on weeks that are crazy and I don’t want to have to think about what to cook for dinner. I would definitely recommend!

***I was not paid in any way to do this post or given credit. I did use a code from an influencer for a discount on my first 5 boxes but I have continued to pay for them on my own after. I do have a referral code if anyone wants $35 off my code is RachelD011

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