A Time for Change

Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

It’s funny that this verse is the verse I taught on the entire month of March with our kids at church because it has been a theme of this year for me. We wanted to explain to you why we have been quiet on this space. I have loved blogging and want to continue to provide weekly content but man, 2021 has been a tough year full of lows that honestly felt like they could break us mentally and physically. Between a covid battle, 3 deaths in the family including Andrew’s mom, a surgery and multiple battles with viruses we’ve been through the ringer. Needless to say we needed some good.

This past Thursday, the new majority owner of Eagle Crest Golf Course in Alma, AR reached out to Andrew and asked if he would consider becoming the General Manager of the golf course. Over the next few days things moved fairly quickly and on Monday morning, Andrew accepted the job. If you are new to our family, Andrew had previously been the golf pro at Eagle Crest 7 years ago before moving to ArcBest. He loved working there but at the time the right move for him was to step out of the golf industry. Golf has been a passion for Andrew since he was a little boy so the idea of him being able to step into this position is a perfect and unexpected blessing. I can’t tell you the overwhelming sense of peace I have felt in this process. This feels right. It feels like my husband gets to do something that will fuel his passion and my little boy who adores his dad and golf will get to grow up going to work with his daddy. What a blessing to wait on the Lord. To our family at ArcBest, he leaves with such great memories. It was a wonderful job for the past 7 years and provided well for our family.

Here is to the next chapter…we are SO EXCITED to see you guys on the golf course!

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