Taco Tuesday: Chicken Style

Tacos are a big deal in the Dahl house. We celebrate them  by adding them to our menu every week. We diversify a few different ways but our tried and true favorite tacos are chicken tacos. What makes them so good? Andrew’s homemade taco seasoning! Andrew makes this seasoning about every third or fourth time we eat tacos and it is delicious. It’s really easy to just buy a pre-made taco seasoning mix at the store but if you take the time to put together your own, you not only know exactly what is in it but I really think it tastes so much better.  Another big factor in what takes our chicken tacos to another level is the cut of meat. I grew up in a house where the only cut of chicken we got was breast and maybe a leg when my mom was frying it up. Andrew introduced me to the chicken thigh and my life was forever changed. It is tender, juicy and SO CHEAP!  We buy chicken thighs in bulk at Sam’s club and can typically get 6-8 meals out of a package that only costs us $12.  Below you will find our seasoning recipe. To make our chicken we take it, trim the fat and cut it into bite size pieces depending on how big you like the chicken in your tacos.  From there we start to cook it in some oil on medium heat.  It doesn’t take very long to cook through because you have cut them into smaller pieces.  After that we follow the seasoning recipe by putting about 2 tablespoons in the pan and about 1/3 of a cup of water and covering it until the water is gone.  Next top with all the stuff you enjoy on tacos.  Follow along with us on instagram (LifeasaDahl) tonight as we show step by step how we create our tacos. You might even find a giveaway on our instagram…

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