Creating a Collage Wall

Hey friends!  I hope you are all relaxed and back to routine after a great month of chaos.  I had a week off between the holidays so I spent it and some of my Christmas money decorating an empty wall in my house.  Andrew and I have done several house projects over the past few months and after a fresh coat of paint and some new couches I just needed the focal wall in our house to pop.  I enlisted the help of my mom and a friend to look through the aisles of Hobby Lobby grabbing an assortment of things we thought would look good.  One of the keys to a collage wall is to grab things that are different sizes, colors and textures.  Because the colors in my pillows at home are blues and greens we went for teals, whites, golds and wood tones.  The great thing about Hobby Lobby is pretty much everything is on sale and if you get too many things, just take them back.  I ended up doing this whole collage wall from scratch for about $200.  When we got home we cleared some space on the floor and started moving stuff around seeing what we thought looked the best.  img_0822Next we decided to trace around each piece to see how it would look on the wall.  I knew that Andrew would not be okay with me putting a million holes in the wall trying to get things right so even though this step seems tedious it sure was great for placement.  We just used a roll of wrapping paper and traced and cut around each object then placed it on the wall with painters tape.  My mom said it best when she said, “Distance brings a different perspective.”  Hang your traced stuff on the wall then step back.  We ended up moving almost everything over or down and changing the placement of a couple thing.  img_0825The finished project is AMAZING.  I can not tell you how excited I am every time I walk through my front door or come out of my bedroom.  There is something about loving your home that makes life just a little bit sweeter.img_1038-jpg

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