Christmas Wishes and Cinnamon Dreams…

Hello sweet friends. Pardon my two month hiatus as I crammed in as much as I possibly could into November and December. It’s been a good two months full of celebrating thanksgiving, my birthday and now Christmas. There is something so wonderful about this time of the year. It’s a first for Andrew and I getting to decorate our home for the holidays. I love coming home and turning on our Christmas tree and just sitting in it’s glow. Can we just keep the tree up all year? Would that be weird? I loved hanging our ornaments, full of memories we have had over the years and then a couple we have bought together. These are a couple of my favorites along with some pictures of the house right now…

Andrew and I got this ornament on our honeymoon in Maine this year.

This ornament was given to me from my mom the year I asked Jesus into my heart. 

My mom started my brothers and I a collected of ornaments the year we were born.  26 years later my dog collection is still going strong. The year is on their tags.  Our beautiful tree this year.  I just love it. 
This year I also made cinnamon rolls. You guys when I say I made cinnamon rolls it was really like a cinnamon roll marathon. I had over 102 orders this year beating my record from 2 years ago of 98. I have counted all this cinnamon roll making as my Christmas workout. Stirring dough and rolling out are hard work after all the orders are done. Let me put in perspective just how much it takes to make 102 dozen cinnamon rolls… I went through 16 lbs of butter, 100 lbs of flour, 50 lbs of sugar, 2 large containers of cinnamon, about 30 packages of yeast, 5 gallons of milk and 3lb of powdered sugar. We also bought an extra fridge for our garage. Now that was a story. I bought it off the online garage sale site on Facebook for $100 (WHAT A STEAL, Y’ALL!!!). Upon inquiring where to pick it up, the people I bought it from lived 10 houses down from us. So what did Andrew do? He strapped it to a dolly and walked it down the street. Can you imagine passing someone walking with a refrigerator. I felt the need to wave like we were in a parade. The refrigerator parade.

It’s been such a memory filled time in our house but above everything, above the craziness this time brings I am so thankful for the reminder that Andrew has given me every night when he comes home from work. He tells me about the calls he has to deal with getting people’s stuff to them on time for Christmas and how mean people can be, only to follow it up with isn’t this time suppose to be about Jesus. Wow. We love to pack all the hustle and bustle, and race to get the best present into the meaning of Christmas and while some of the extra is fun and good it doesn’t take away from the simple fact that this Christmas and every Christmas is not about you and I, it’s about the birth of the Savior of the world. Without that birth there would be no hope. I am going to sit here and focus on that for a little while longer. I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas.

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