Homemade biscuits and gravy

Very few meals are as nostalgic to me as biscuits and gravy. There is something about that first bite that always takes me right back to sitting around the table with my parents and brothers and thinking for that moment in time all was good. As a kid I was not a fan of sausage in my gravy but as I have grown and matured my taste buds have as well and now I can’t imagine my gravy without it. This recipe for biscuits is by far the best you will ever try for the amount of time they take. They come together in 40 minutes today from scratch. For a biscuit…that is impressive. I promise, you will never want to eat a canned biscuit again. Let us know if you make them. I have a highlight saved on my instagram with a step by step video where you can make them with me. Enjoy!

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