Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp

I remember the first time I had this particular sauce on shrimp. I was with a friend at Bone Fish Grill in Rogers, Arkansas and it was one of the most interesting flavor profiles I had ever tried. At that point in my life, sauce was ketchup and my palate was basic at best but I knew this was a recipe I would love to make at home. Flash forward about 10 plus years to this past week when we finally got it right. It was my 30th birthday and we had friends over who didn’t really like shrimp so we thought, let’s just try it with chicken and shrimp and it worked magically. The key is the sweet and slightly spicy sauce paired with the crunch of the chicken. We have a step by step walk through on our instagram page (lifeasadahl) saved in the highlights. Check it out and when you make it let us know and tag us in your pictures!

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